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Belresheed Real Estate

Belresheed Real Estate Company was established in 1993 to become one of the leading real estate companies, with a specialist cadre of elite executive managers who preliminary put their priorities in building strong work relations based on principles of partnership in interests and aims and provide various package of comprehensive services and integrated real estate products.

Auto Deals Luxury Cars Showroom

Auto Deals has been one of Dubai’s foremost luxury automobile dealers since the past decade and have been successful in consistently providing an extensive choice of new and used luxury cars at the most competitive prices to meet the needs of our diverse clients. No one understands luxury cars and their owners as we do; with their varied interests and needs in world renowned brands, they are always looking for the best.

LYX Arkitecter

The future may seem remote to others, but it is very much present at LYX. LYX is an architecture company with the aim of redefining the concept of LUXURY lifestyle. All the designs are something that people have never seen before but at the same time they feel very comfortable in it. Our architects are constantly seeking for new challenges and innovative ways to satisfy the client’s expectations with unique pieces of art designed for the human scale.

Belresheed Technical Contracting

I established technical contracting company to provide the utmost comfort to our customers, and ensure the best services in the fastest time and face the problems of our customers, we have a qualified staff at the highest level and ready 24/7 to solve all problems in buildings in all disciplines.

OB Info Tech

OB Info Tech’s complexity task performers and hard working team of potential developers, exhibiting good knowledge of modern tech approach and business ideas with amazing tech plans to boost up the effectiveness and efficiency of your business technologies.

Mazaya Travel & Tourism

Mazaya Travel & Tourism was established as a tour operator company in UAE since 2006 started from Ajman. From May 2011 we have a new office in Dubai, which quickly blossomed into a full service office for ticketing and tourism. Here in Mazaya Travel & Tourism we know your needs! Our staff with many years experience in tourist field knows everyone’s needs.

Al Bataeh Cleaning

The level of sophistication of any place is measured by its level of cleanliness , we have Albataeh building cleaning , to provide a clean and healthy environment for all our customers with a Specialized and highest level of professionalism , working 24 hours a day, seven days a week in all buildings of Belresheed Group , to provide a clean and healthy environment for all our customers from inside and outside buildings and keep all our buildings and services very special.

Golden Wood

Goldenwood has developed a Quality policy to satisfy the needs of its customers, and to continuously maintain its reputation for consistency, high quality and on-time completion of its projects. Our Quality system undergoes constant review and development to better serve its urged need.


In order to provide the customers with the utmost security and peace of mind, we have our security company ( Belresheed Security Services ) to secure all buildings of the company with all security ways . And all days of the week , until the client gets the most sense of security and reassurance, and also make full study for building secure and then make full security system for the building by experienced and specialized security managers.

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